Friday, February 9, 2007

Distributed, Agile Development?

I came across a link to Agile Open Northwest. While this is the first time I heard about this conference, Kent Beck of Three Rivers Institute (and creator of JUnit) posted many of the session notes on a wiki. One that is particularly interesting to me was a session on Distributed Agile Development. In this session the speaker, David Churchville, talks about using different tools and travel as a way to facilitate conversations among "Agilists" (I don't like calling them resources either).

This contradicts a couple of points on the Agile Manifesto (at least by my interpretation). Specifically, how can a global or distributed project be developed in an Agile framework? Isn't daily communication and face to face conversations a major part of being Agile? If so, then that sounds like a lot of travel to promote an Agile project, and if you are trying to conserve costs, then offshoring with frequent travel doesn't make much sense.

I will be the first to admit that I did not attend the conference so cannot possibly know all that was said. I can only reference the materials posted on the conference wiki. Did anyone go to that conference, and can you provide some more information?

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