Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New Dashboard: Project Activities

We added a new dashboard with our latest release of Lighthouse. The dashboards, 'Project Activities', are now available at both the Account and Project Level.

The 'Project Activities Dashboards' identify objects (like Requirements, Test Cases, Defects, Issues, or Change Requests), who changed them, and when they were changed. As a Product Manager, I find it very useful to log into our account and see which requirements, defects, issues and change requests are being changed.

Here is a snapshot of the activity from early this morning (like 6 AM EST). It shows that one requirement changed today, 96 'objects' changed yesterday, 376 changed between 2 and 7 days ago, etc. As I expand each one, I can get the details on what exactly changed, as well as links to the actual objects.

If you signed up for your Lighthouse Account this week, then the dashboards are automatically added to your view.

If you signed up for your Lighthouse Account before this Monday, then you have to enable your dashboard. It's simple:

1. Select Preferences > Dashboards
2. Select your dashboard
3. Select Edit Dashboard
4. Select the Recent Activities dashboard

Of course, if you don't have a Lighthouse Account (which is completely crazy), then you can sign up for your free one here!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Artifact Unveils “One-Click Traceability,” a Virtual Appliance, and Three New Lighthouse Editions

Artifact Software Inc. Newsletter
Here Comes La Jolla!
November 2007
In this issue...
Lighthouse Upgrade Details
New Features & Improvements
Recently Added & Coming Soon
We're pleased to announce that our next Lighthouse version, La Jolla, will deploy this coming Sunday at 9 PM EST. Read below for more upgrade details and feature news.
Lighthouse Upgrade Details
Lighthouse will be unavailable on Sunday, November 11 from 9 PM EST to 11 PM EST. You will not be able to log in to Lighthouse during the upgrade, so please plan accordingly.

We apologize for any inconvenience the upgrade might cause. Please check our forum for additional service updates.
New Features and Improvements
The La Jolla release takes traceability to an entirely new level with our OneClick conversion. Managing your project activities is easier than ever with our new Project Activity dashboards. Read below for details on these and other new features in our La Jolla release.
  • OneClick Conversion
Lighthouse makes traceability simple with OneClick. Take all of your ...

Check MarkRequirements and automatically create Test Cases
Check MarkChange Requests and automatically create Requirements
Check MarkChange Requests and automatically create Defects
Check MarkDefects and automatically create Change Requests
Check MarkDefects and automatically create Test Cases
Check MarkIssues and automatically create Defects
Check MarkIssues and automatically create Change Requests
Check MarkTest Cases and automatically create Requirements

Read more about this here.
  • Project Activity Dashboards
La Jolla includes two new dashboards that make project management easier than ever. These real-time dashboards highlight all changed project activities over your choice of time frames. Instantly get a snapshot view of all changes to requirements, defects, test cases and more, all in real-time.

You can now quickly and easily see everything that's changed in your project during the given time period. No more searching through emails, IM sessions or multiple tools. Lighthouse Project Activity Dashboards provide the key data you need so you can focus on leading your project.
  • Requirement Filters
With our new filters, you can quickly view requirements based on any criteria. Interested in finding requirements that have defects? Easy. Want to know which requirements are missing tests? No problem. You can filter requirements by status, resource, release, test status, or any custom field you added.
  • Super User
Finally! Add a user once, use everywhere. Create a new user, provide that user with Administrator Rights, and that user is automatically added to every project in your account. The Super User role makes it easy to provide total access to your key project managers and executives without having to manually add them to each project, one-at-a-time.
  • Custom Reports
Our Custom Reports module is going through a number of feature enhancements, making it easier than ever to create reports on any data within Lighthouse. With La Jolla, we've added a number of new, reportable fields, including 'Modified Date', 'Test Type', 'Requirements Type', and 'Timesheet Notes'. Stay tuned for even more enhancements in upcoming releases.

If you need assistance with Custom Reports, email to schedule a personalized Custom Report session and see for yourself what you can accomplish.
Recently Added & Coming Soon
In case you haven't logged into Lighthouse recently, here are some of the recent upgrades as well as a list of upcoming features. Let us know if you want more details!

  • Cozumel (released summer 2007)
    • Custom Fields: This feature lets you fully customize existing Lighthouse data elements or add your own fields. This means you can easily adapt your terminology and methodology to Lighthouse. Specifically:
      • Change the name of any data field labels
      • Add new data values to any of the existing fields
      • Create new fields
      • Modify the layout

  • Baltimore (late November 2007)
    • Lighthouse Virtual Appliance: For those companies wanting to run Lighthouse inside their corporate network, the Lighthouse VA will be released later this month.
    • My Activities Dashboard: Each user get's a personalized dashboard, giving them a simple view into all items (requirements, defects, test cases, ...) assigned to him/her.
  • Vegas (late December 2007)
    • Custom Reports Enhancements: Custom Reports is being overhauled to include many of the enhancements you've requested. Stay tuned for more information regarding this release.
    • Improved Dashboards: Significant improvements are being made to dashboard performance.

  • Rome (scheduled for early 2008)
    • Integrated Project Planning: Project Planning is being overhauled as well to include everything you need to create, manage and maintain your Project Plans directly within Lighthouse, meaning you never have to use Microsoft Project again. Of course, we'll support MS Project if you want to continue using it!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

New Features at EclipseWorld

Tomorrow we are exhibiting at EclipseWorld in Reston, VA, where we will be showcasing many features in our upcoming release. Stop by and learn how you can easily (and automatically) create test cases from requirements, convert issues to defects, and so much more.

Our next release, named La Jolla, is something we are most excited about and our beta sites have had fantastic things to say about it. Many of the enhancements come directly from our community, and we are always looking for more feedback. Share your thoughts in our blog or forum.

We'll also be talking about our partner products from Codign Software. They have some Eclipse plugins that generate JUnit tests, determine coverage and measure how testable your code is. Interesting stuff!