Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Community Interview: Pembrooke

The following is a first in a series of blogs talking about who some of our customers are and why they chose Lighthouse. Feel free to contact us if you would like an interview as well!

Client: Pembrooke

[Artifact] What does your company do and what's your role?

[Jake Whitlow] Pembrooke is a leading provider of employment screening and risk management services for both DOT and non-DOT clients. Pembrooke helps companies manage their employment screening data by providing easy access to drug test results, background checks, and other related services. I lead the business analysis and project management efforts within the organization. This includes creation, maintaining, and enforcing methodology as well as functioning as the senior business analyst and project manager.

[Artifact] What issues were you trying to solve when you found Lighthouse?

[Jake Whitlow] Pembrooke had no standing requirements management methodology until about one year ago, and as a software development organization many requirements were going uncaptured, and therefore were not met. We required a tool that would assist in the capturing and management of requirements in order to shore-up this process.

[Artifact] Why did you choose Lighthouse and how is it most helpful for you?

[Jake Whitlow] We chose Lighthouse due to its ease of setup and use (no major configuration needed), it's readily available as a web-based application, and it's associated project management tools. We are currently utilizing it almost exclusively for requirements management, but have plans to begin to leverage the project management tools to a larger extent.

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