Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Community Interview: Dassian

The following post talks about who some of our customers are and why they chose Lighthouse. Feel free to contact us if you would like an interview as well!

Client: Dassian

[Artifact] What does your company do and what's your role?

[Keith Lee] Dassian builds add-on components (software) for SAP (the largest ERP software company in the world). We concentrate in the project accounting area and cater mostly to Aerospace, Defense, Engineering and Construction companies.

[Artifact] What issues were you trying to solve when you found Lighthouse?

[Keith Lee] Dassian was looking for a tool to cover two main purposes:
  1. To allow us to communicate with each other as we are going through a development cycle with a new product (or upgrades to an existing product). Our staff is international and 100% virtual.
  2. To allow customer interaction with our staff for issues, bugs, enhancement requests and questions. We also wanted to integrate our user and technical guides when we resolved customer queries.

[Artifact] Why did you choose Lighthouse and how is it most helpful for you?

[Keith Lee] We chose Lighthouse for the following reasons:
  • Lighthouse provides a framework to interact with our customers that is 100% web-based and not dependent on software installation.
  • Lighthouse provides an easy-to-use tool to communicate internally as we are developing and resolving issues.
  • Lighthouse took NO TIME to get started. We were productive within a few hours and within a few days had created a Dassian-specific user guide that we were able to provide to our customers.
  • Lighthouse has a low cost of ownership.
  • Lighthouse allows us to grow into using more functionality for our software development cycles.
To learn more about Dassian, please visit their website at www.dassian.com

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