Friday, September 14, 2007

Community Interview: HRWorX, LLC

The following post talks about who some of our customers are and why they chose Lighthouse. Feel free to contact us if you would like an interview as well!

Client: HRWorX, LLC

[Artifact] What does your company do and what's your role?

[Rob Hankey] HRWorX develops software that collects data (usually forms driven), for both the public and private sectors. I am one of the owners of the company and handle the company operations.

[Artifact] What issues were you trying to solve when you found Lighthouse?

[Rob Hankey] HRWorX was looking for a way to develop and track requirements and associate them with a project plan and the resulting tasks. The fact that we can track client issues and development defects is a plus.

[Artifact] Why did you choose Lighthouse and how is it most helpful for you?

[Rob Hankey] We chose Lighthouse because it combines all the features of a project from the beginning to end and allows me to keep all our data in one location.

To learn more about HRWorX, please visit their website at

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